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Virtual Learning Option

 Park Online Education Expedition (POEE; K-12)

The Educational Mission of the Livingston School District, in partnership with the community, is to provide the opportunity for all students to learn, in a safe environment, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed in order to become life-long learners and contributing citizens in a diverse society.


At LPS, we strive to provide our students with rich learning experiences and engaging opportunities that allow them to not only progress to a high academic level but develop valuable skills and perspectives.  The POEE is a virtual learning environment responsive to our family and community need.


At the POEE, students can expect:



A contingent of certified teacher practitioners is dedicated solely to Park Online Education Expedition students, providing direct instruction, academic intervention support, opportunities for expeditionary and social-emotional learning.  

While POEE students complete their primary coursework online, they have opportunities to come onsite to engage in optional expeditionary opportunities, elective coursework, as well as extracurricular programs and athletics.  



POEE is academically rigorous and requires high levels of student organization, intention, and drive.  For that reason, POEE students are required to maintain good academic standing via their progress monitoring and grades and have access to an LPS counselor as needed to continue to be eligible for POEE.  Students who do not maintain academic and social-emotional standing will return to an onsite LPS school.


The POEE strives to establish a parental partnership in the students' learning. Open dialogue with the staff is highly encouraged and sought.




Students have the flexibility of working through their coursework at their own pace with frequent scheduled connections with their teacher.  However, a schedule will be recommended to give structure to the students' learning.

Mornings (8:30-12:00):

  • Students work through coursework
  • Teacher coaching, facilitation, and mentoring

Afternoons (12:30-3:30):

  • Social-Emotional Learning Connections
  • Targeted MTSS Support
  • Expeditionary project-based Learning opportunities



POEE utilizes a digital curricular platform to provide our students access to a spectrum of high-quality, accredited curriculum and courses.  In partnering with these learning management systems, POEE provides interactive lessons with features that include facilitated and independent coursework, proficiency-based movement, self-paced lessons, and engagement analytics. 


*AP courses are available through our platform, but may accrue and additional expense on the family's part due to the additional materials and testing required

Devices will be available for students in need of technology at home free of charge. Students and teachers will have access to tech support through the LPS IT department.