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Crisis Response Information

Procedures for Parents/Guardians

  1. DO NOT telephone. Telephone lines will be needed for emergency purposes. Calls to the school will receive a voice message recording only.
  2. Tune in to local radio and television stations for information about the place to go to pick up your student. You may also contact the district office (222-0861) for more information.
  3. Please note that only the parent or guardian or adults officially approved of by the parent or guardian (and on record as such at Park High School) may pick up students.
  4. When you arrive at the designated reunification area, you will be greeted at the door and escorted to the reunification area.
  5. Give your name and your student’s name to the staff member in charge of student-parent reunification. The staff member will send a runner to get your student.
  6.  A staff member will ask you to sign your student out before you leave to make sure we keep track of all of our students.

Shelter-In-Place & Modified Lockdowns

Shelter-in-place and modified lockdowns are specialized lockdowns and the safest possible way to separate students and staff from an outdoor hazardous environment (e.g. natural disaster or danger in the community). It is a temporary solution to a temporary problem. These lockdowns will be used to keep students safe until the emergency has passed or they can be reunited with their parents.
All Lockdown Procedures will apply.


There may be emergency situations when we will need to evacuate the building. Some evacuations may be temporary, allowing school to resume after the all-clear signal is given. Other evacuations may require students to go home. If the school day prematurely ends, please refer to the Student-Parent Reunification procedures. 
There may be situations where we will need to evacuate to an alternative site. We have identified several sites that we will use, depending on the situation. We will disclose the location of the specific alternative site when the need for an evacuation is determined. We will communicate the alternative site location via a message on the school’s voice mail, the school’s webpage, and local radio and television stations. You may also contact the district office (222-0861) for more information.

Lockdown Procedures

Upon recommendations of the school administration or public safety officials, all buildings will go into lockdown mode. If a severe alert is declared or an emergency situation occurs requiring a lockdown at Park High School, do not panic. Stay as calm as possible. Follow these procedures for the safety of ALL students:
  • Ensure your own safety.
  • Know that emergency response procedures are in place to safeguard all students; parents should not come to the school. Lockdowns are usually short-term measures (minutes not hours or days).
  • The school will not release students to parents during a lockdown.
  • No one will be allowed in or out of the school building until the all-clear signal is given by the school administrators or public safety officials.
  • Do not call the school; this will tie up emergency lines that must stay open. In addition, students are asked to remain quiet during a lockdown, so please do not call your student or expect your student to call you.
  • Listen to the radio or television for current information and instructions, including if and how you may be reunited with your student. You may also contact the district office (222-0861) for more information as well. Finally, we will post information to the school’s website (if we are able to do so).
  • If your students' stay at school is extended beyond the regular time, you will receive information about the place and time that you can pick up your student.

Radio Stations

We will be contacting all Clear Channel (FM: 95.1, 96.7, 100.7, 103.5; AM: 1340, 1450) and Yellowstone Public Radio (FM: 88.5, 102.1) stations with pertinent emergency information. Please go to one of those stations to get updates as needed.

Student-Parent Reunification

In the event of an emergency or disaster situation that requires the students to go home, please remember that Park High School will care for your student until a parent can pick them up, or until it is safe to transport students to their homes by school district transportation.