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School Calendars

Printable Calendar
To access a printable PDF of the 2023-2024 PK-5, 6-8, and 9-12 Calendars please click the buttons below.
For an accessible list of all dates related to the adopted school calendars above, please click the following buttons.
Subscribing to the Online Calendars
Our website allows users to sync our online calendar with their own preferred online calendar.  The instructions below will demonstrate how to sync these calendars to the right of this page with your own personal Outlook or Google Calendar for easy access to district events.  
Step 1: Select the calendars you would like to sync and then click on Subscribe.
Calendar Subscribe directions
Step 2: Choose the type of calendar you are hoping to sync with.
Calendar Sync directions
Google (Google Calendar) Outlook (Download .ICS) iCal (iCal, Outlook 2007+)
Select Google Calendar and follow the prompts This option will download to your desktop Outlook app. It will appear as a download at the bottom of your screen and will not appear in your calendar unless you open it as a file in your Outlook.  Only here will you be able to access it also on your mobile app We are not yet set up to allow sync with the iCal or Office 365 calendar apps.
Google Calendar Add Outlook Sync Directions Not available at this time