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Honoring Retirees

The District recognizes the impressive and dedicated careers of our 2022 retirees. Please join us in honoring these incredible individuals.
ELLEN CONLEY LPS District Business Director Years with LPS: 9 Notes from Colleagues: Ellen's energy, sense of humor and knowledge made our office a great place to work. Her supportive encouragement has been a wonderful way to learn and I am so thankful to have had her as a mentor! - Written by Catherine Hunt Ellen's tremendous knowledge and strong leadership will be greatly missed. Her enthusiasm is contagious and has made the office an enjoyable work environment. - Written by Patti Neerken It has been a pleasure working with Ellen during her tenure at LPS. She will be missed but mostly her infectious laugh that filled the Admin office. All the luck to Ellen in living her best retirement life. - Written by Jenny Stringer Ellen is a saint for working with me through my first few years in this position. I'm grateful for her talent, knowledge, patience, and advice. I will miss you, lady! Also, I stole your picture from LinkedIn :) - Written by Sarah Dahl LYNNETTE EVANSON PHS English Teacher Years in Education: 40 Years with LPS: 29 Time Well Spent: Meaningful, beautiful relationships, mixed with reading, writing, discussing, and uncovering our humanity are just a few of the things that have nourished my time in the classroom. There has been much laughter; singing, reading together with vocal variety and a theater-like energy can be magical...and so much fun! Plans for Retirement: There is a need for me to work on physical wellness. I have two black dogs that I must love on and vacuum after. I want to find something meaningful to do, and I plan to binge watch on Netflix. Note from a Colleague: Lynnette taught from the heart and expressed her love through dedication, high expectations, compassion, and joy. Her absence will be keenly felt because seldom does an individual with her gifts appear. - Written by Carol Phillips-Powalisz ANN GANNON SGMS School Counselor Years in Education: 33 Years with LPS: 30 Time Well Spent: I really like middle-school-age students! My colleagues have been very supportive of our department always and I thank them for this! Plans for Retirement: Traveling wherever I want to in the shoulder seasons and working an encore job- very part-time. Spending time with my favorite people (friends and family) will be refreshing! Note from a Colleague: As we honor your 30 years of counseling students at Sleeping Giant Middle School, know you have made a tremendous difference in the lives of those you have touched. You are a true professional who has shown by example that excellence is something to aim for daily. I especially appreciate that when I needed a place to sit and talk (and rake sand in your tiny sandbox), you were always there for anyone who needed a place to pause. So, THANK YOU! And enjoy this next journey you are about to embark on because you deserve it! - Written by Lori Chapman
ROBIN LOVEC East Side 5th Grade Teacher Years in Education: 37 Years with LPS: 33 Messages from students: Top Three Reasons Mrs. Lovec is such a special teacher: #3 from Leelee: I used to not like history/herstory but now I love it. #2 from Ellena: She knows what you're having trouble with even if you haven't told her. #1 from Rosalyn: Mrs. Lovec is such a special teacher. There are so many reasons but one stands out-she taught our tiny minds because she has a big heart. Plans for Retirement: Plans unknown to this author Note from a Colleague: Words cannot summarize the reach of Robin's career or impact. Her legacy is complex and resides in the lives of the students and colleagues she has influenced. - Written by Chris Pavlovich RANDY MOGEN PHS Science Teacher Years in Education: 40 Years with LPS: 18 Time Well Spent: I have been fortunate to spend the last 18 years teaching at Park High. I have worked with some amazing staff. One of the joys has been working with my colleagues in the Science Department. I also have been blessed to work with some great administrative teams during the last decade. Teaching students who want to learn and work so hard to understand is rewarding and has driven me to do my best as a teacher in return. Plans for Retirement: It is an unwritten book at this time. Some travel, finding some new hobbies or adventures. Always learning and always appreciating every day. Note from a Colleague: Randy's laughter and leadership will be missed in the PHS halls. We couldn't have asked for a better mentor. Randy understood the school would be stronger through a shared vision and his unstoppable determination revolutionized the Livingston School District, Park High, the science department, and his students. He has changed so many lives and should be proud of his legacy. - Written by Natalie Davis DAVID PETTIT SGMS 7th Grade Science Teacher Years in Education: 38 Years with LPS: 24 Time Well Spent: Mr. Pettit's creative and inquisitive approach provided the students with fun and education filled lessons. No surprise his science projects frequently garnered state and federal awards. Plans for Retirement: Biking everywhere! Note from a Colleague: Often we could see Mr. Pettit's class biking to the river to exercise and observe our natural environment. Like protective mother goose, he leads his flock of inquisitive students to their next learning adventure looking for snakes or hunting for microscopic water organisms. He combined his passion for the natural environment and inquisitiveness to stimulate students' understanding of our world. Thank you Mr. Pettit for your contributions to our students. - Written by Peter Ponca