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The mission of the Livingston Public Schools Transportation Department is to provide safe and efficient transportation for students living in rural areas around Livingston.

School Bus
  • ​Students who live more than 3 miles from their school are eligible to ride on buses for free.
  • Students who live less than 3 miles from their school may enroll to ride for a fee, if they board the bus along an existing rural bus route and if there is room on the bus.
  • Special transportation is available for children when their Individual Education Plan (IEP) reflects such a need.
  • Bus routes follow main roads for the safety of the children.  Routes lengths are limited by distance and time as well as by Park County snow plowing and sanding priorities.
  • The LPS Transportation Department also provides service for student field trips, athletics, and co-curricular activities.
  • LPS bus drivers meet all requirements of the State of Montana. ​
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Come join an experienced and dynamic team transporting school's most precious cargo!
A Bus Registration Card must be completed for every student that is expecting to take a bus to or from school.   Come to the Bus Office located across the street from East Side and SGMS beginning August 16th to register your child.  Office hours are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, and 3:45 pm to 4:30 pm.
Bus Routes
Updated Aug 2022 Bus Routes
Bus Policies
Review the district's Transportation Policies and Procedures.  
Review the Bus Rider Contract with your child, sign it together, and hand it to the bus driver upon loading.
Clarke Smith, Transportation Director
Jeff Gentry, Transportation Director
Call 406-222-1784 for more information on transportation services. 
Permission is required for unregistered students to ride home with another student and for registered riders to get off at a stop they are not registered to.  Please fill out the Permission Slip and instruct your child to give it to the bus driver upon loading.  You may also call the bus office or a school secretary and we will complete one for you.
Drivers Ed
Drivers Education will be accepting applications in April of 2023 for the spring/summer classes. 
For more information about getting your teen ready to drive please call Park High School at 406-222-0448 or visit:
Bus Fees
If your residence is less than 3 miles from the nearest public school, transportation is available for a fee.  Click here to view the map that defines the billable areas.  Fees are set by the School Board and collected by the transportation office.