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Early Literacy Program

Due to changes in state legislation regarding early kindergarten programs, the Livingston Public School’s Early Literacy Program will replace our 2-Year Kindergarten (2YK) program for the 2024-2025 school year. Similar to our current 2-year Kindergarten (2YK) program, the Early Literacy Program is for students aged 4 on or by September 10th.  
In addition to the program title changes, there will also be changes to admittance procedures. The change in program title and admittance procedures stems from House Bill 352. Per this piece of legislation and Board of Public Education requirements, students will be admitted into the Early Literacy Program if they demonstrate a need for early literacy-targeted interventions in the areas of oral language, phonological awareness (the ability to hear and manipulate sounds in spoken words), and alphabet knowledge. Other notable changes include a half-day classroom-based program option. The screening assessments must be administered during April, May, and June for students to be eligible for the Early Literacy Program. Parents must consent to assessment before students can participate in the program.  
Timeline for Entry
March 21:
Enrollment Night
Families hoping to enroll their four-year-olds can begin enrollment online either at the event at Winans or from home.  Registration will require scanned files of the student's birth certificate and immunizations.
April 15 & 16:
Initial Screening Dates
District staff will screen potential participants of the program.  Any family that has enrolled will be contacted regarding a screening time.
Ongoing Screening for new families
As new enrollments occur, District staff will continue to screen applicants as applications come in
Enrollments Set
Families will be contacted regarding their placement in the Early Literacy Program
Enrollment Night Information
Information Regarding Program Regulations
Below is a link to House Bill 352 which cites the changes made to the laws regarding early kindergarten programs.
Program Contacts
Program Teachers