News & Announcements

Let's hear it for Mrs. Hawkins!

1st Grade Teacher Tawnya Hawkins has received the 2022 MCASE General Education Teacher of the Year Award. Winans could not be prouder to have her a part of their team. Check out this article for more details on this amazing LPS teacher.

Graduation Festivities A Foot!

The class of 2022 will be celebrating graduation all weekend ending in their ceremony Sunday, June 5th. Check out this article for more details.

Kindergarten registration is still open!

Washington School is accepting enrollment forms for kindergarten. Please check out the enrollment page attached to this article for more details, access to enrollment forms or to schedule a tour with Principal Cox.

Legally Blonde Open Night Friday!

After an initial postponement, PHS students will celebrate an opening night this weekend. Get your tickets soon! See this article for more details related to the opening weekend of the play at the Shane Center.

Winans celebrates Greta's 10th birthday!

Greta, a staple of Winans, celebrated her 10th birthday with yummy frozen treats for all. Check out this article to learn more about this fun event to celebrate a beloved figure of Winans.
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