Ranger Voices Secure State Spots for the Entire Time!

The Ranger Voices Park High's Speech, Drama, and Debate team showcased their exceptional talents and determination at the Eastern Divisional A Tournament, held in Sidney, Montana, which was a remarkable 6-hour journey away from home. Despite the long travel, the team left at 7 am and managed to arrive just in time for the competition at 3 pm.

The tournament spanned over two intense days, Friday and Saturday of last week, featuring a total of 5 rounds of competition for everyone. Following these rounds, the top 8 participants in each category advanced to a final round. The stakes were high, with the top 12 in each category earning the coveted qualification for the state competition.

Here are the standout performances and achievements from the tournament:

Original Oratory (Persuasive Essay)

  • Maloi Lannan: 1st Place (Divisional Champion)
  • Mars Waldron: 6th Place

Humorous Interpretation of Literature

  • Matthew Melin: 1st Place (Divisional Champion)
  • Fiona Shinn (Speech Captain): 2nd Place
  • Isla Vermillion: 8th Place

Dramatic Interpretation of Literature

  • Lily Minnick: 11th Place

Memorized Public Address

  • Victoria Gasparakis (Speech Captain): 2nd Place
  • Impromptu Speaking: 8th Place

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • Terry Gasparakis (Speech Captain): 2nd Place


  • Kai Canner Bray: 2nd Place
  • Katia Logan: 4th Place

Dramatic Theatre

  • Ellie Ames & Esmé Grady (Drama Captains): 5th Place
  • Grey Couch & Justin Stern: 6th Place

Humorous Theatre

  • Onyx Johnstone & Justin Stern: 12th Place

Humorous Solo

  • Liam Waldron: 9th Place

Policy Debate

  • Alice Addicott & Leo Mitchell (Debate Captains): 3rd Place

Public Forum Debate

  • Lu Shier & Daniel Karon: 7th Place

Lincoln Douglas Debate

  • Connor Hawthorne: 7th Place

The team's success was not only evident in their individual achievements but also in the collective accomplishment of qualifying the entire team for the state competition. Special mention goes to Maloi Lannan and Matthew Melin for securing Divisional Championships in their respective categories!