For the past six years, the Park High Ranger Booster Club has collaborated with several Montana businesses to support a very fun project within our "Ranger Community" called RANGER RUSH. Starting in 2018, the Booster Club created this event with 10 local businesses to hand out 450 free t-shirts to community members who attended a very special "RANGER RUSH" night of basketball games. Five years later, with the help of 32 businesses, we delivered 800 FREE t-shirts to ALL PHS students & staff--- plus additional community members who attended the 2023 RANGER RUSH event.

Exciting news for 2024 RANGER RUSH !!!

Due to its growing popularity, Park High Ranger Booster Club has approved the increase from 800 to 1,000 free t-shirts to be handed out at the January 19th, 2024 RANGER RUSH event!  

The main objective of RANGER RUSH is to continue to instill pride and inclusion in the Ranger community and overall school culture. Although we structure this event annually around a home basketball game night, the focus of the project is to support all sports, activities, and students who are involved with Park High School.  

Special THANK YOU to our local businesses who continue to partner with us to help bring this event to life! As we continue to strive and build camaraderie among our Ranger community, we look forward to hosting another successful Ranger Rush event.