Winans Elementary Celebrates Collaboration with Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council on Solar Panel Project

Livingston, October 10, 2022: Winans Elementary students and staff celebrated the completion of their solar panel project with a thank you note and presentation to the Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council Monday afternoon at 2:35 pm. Students wondered at pictures, props, and people related to the new solar panels that affix the top of the school’s roofAfter a video and pictures of the roof, a look at an actual solar panel, and an explanation of the energy that the panels pull in from the sun, Principal Patti Durgan presented Joan Kresich and Lauren Dalzell with a thank you card for spearheading funding for Winans to complete the solar panel project. 

Winans Elementary School is excited to continue further education related to solar energy within the classroom. Thanks to the continued generosity of the Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council as presented by Joan Kresich, a trunk with educational materials related to solar energy will travel from classroom to classroom to help instruct, delight, and enlighten students in the knowledge of renewable energy. 

Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council supports fellow citizens (and schools) to make the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Their work with Winans elementary school helps to create a sustainable and resilient future for all. A community grassroots group Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council partnered with the district to initiate and fundraise for the Winans solar array, their 7th community installation. If you have questions about the array or would like to inquire about solar for your home, email YBCC’s Co-chair, Joanie Kresich: [email protected] 

Footage of Solar Panels on the roof of Washington