SGMS Wins the 2021 SMART Schools Challenge

After months of dedicated research, creation, and presentation, students of Dave Pettit’s 7th grade enrichment class won the 2020-2021 SMART Schools challenge including a bonus challenge of redesigning the SMART Schools logo.   SGMS was one of ten schools to win the challenge and one of only two to win the logo redesign contest.  These 7th grade students competed alongside other middle school and high school students and finished as one of only two middle schools chosen as winners. 


The SMART Schools Challenge encourages Montana's K-12 schools to integrate lessons and projects relating to resource conservation, efficiency, and healthy environments. Choosing from eight different student driven project categories, school groups register for the competition and create their own projects based on the categoryAt the end of the challenge, 10 winners were selected, and each received a $2,000 award. Schools participating in the 2020-2021 SMART schools challenge had the opportunity to sign up for the bonus challenge of redesigning and naming the SMART Schools logo for an additional reward of $500 


Mr. Pettit’s 7th grade enrichment class worked in the category of Indoor Air Quality starting their project on January 4th. Students conducted original research to answer the question of how coal trains affect the indoor air quality of two Livingston Schools Washington (located directly next to the railroad tracks) and Sleeping Giant Middle School (across town from the railroad tracks). Students collected snow samples from both schools to test the outdoor air quality and make comparisons to filters of the indoor air quality using equipment provided by The University of Montana. Additionally, a group of four students worked on renaming and redesigning the SMART Schools logo.  Their design was chosen as a winner of this bonus challenge.  Although, the SMART Schools brand is not ready to feature their design they did bring home the $500 prize. 


This is the eighth year SGMS has entered the contest, and the eighth year they have been awarded the prize.  Students of the enrichment class that participated in the project include Lily Anglin, Haggen Bronson, Sarah Couch, Luke Durgan, Liam Edwards, Weston Ensing, Nevaeh Guay, Gaberial Johnson, Grace Jones, Rose Jones, Anna Lende, Matthew Neuman, Brooklin Pintar, Matthew Rustad, Siobhan Stevenson, Kinzey Thorpe, Ben Vermillion, and Jakob Verweij.